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A journey for the enhancement of human relationships and property assets that we will make together with you with care, transparency and professionalism. And through a range of services:
Financial Strategy and Management, Real Estate Investment, Securities Investment, Private Equity and Club Deal.
All with a strongly tailored, human and innovative approach that focuses on results and their maintenance over time.

Strategy and financial management

Through targeted strategy, we assist our clients in managing their assets and follow them step by step through appropriate investment solutions to meet their interests and goals.

UTurn’s signature investment strategies are customized with full respect for your history, culture and economic possibilities. Each strategy is the result of a careful analysis and study phase, a preliminary phase that presents the main factors of the investment solutions, and arrives at a planning phase and a real investment project of which we manage every step including verifications and monitoring.

We share our extensive network, pass on the know-how and financial culture to future generations holding family wealth.

For more information write to gianpiero@uturn-investments.it

Securities investment

With this service we select the platforms and professionals with the most added value among Wealth Management and Investment Banking counterparties at the Italian and international level taking into consideration the inclinations of our client family.

We introduce the concept of cost at fair value with counterparties and, through strategic negotiation, seize opportunities related to services or synergies offered by each of them. Our work concludes with advisory and monitoring services in the case of direct trading.

For more information write to gianpiero@uturn-investments.it

Venture Capital

Our Venture Capital strategy is based on a fundamental cornerstone: investing in Italian excellences with strategic vision and strong international vocation. We invest with patient capital, looking at a long time horizon, through direct and constant contact with the founders.

Time, patience, listening and prudence are the guidelines of our VC choices.

Through the enhancement of our network and following the vision on which our activities are based, we have carried out operations in companies with a strong potential for international expansion and in brands that are already well-known and established in the market, with 4 main modes of investment: direct, in Venture Capital Funds, in Sicaf and with collaborations to support the entrepreneurship of nascent Italian startups.

  • Direct investments
    • Late-stage: Bending Spoons and D-Orbit
    • Early-stage: Biogenera, Golee, Epicura
  • Venture capital funds: G-Squared
  • Sicaf: Rancilio Cube SICAF
  • Collaborations to support entrepreneurship to Italian startups: StartupGym

Thanks to our presence within StartupGym’s Startup Studio incubator, in particular, we receive advisory with which we can learn about and explore the potential of nascent Italian startups and with which to advance our philosophy and vision of supporting the ecosystem. StartupGym’s founders also include Enrico Pandian, a leading investor in innovative realities such as Supermarkets24 and CheckoutTechnologies.

Real estate investments

We oversee and manage family real estate assets; make assessments of new investment opportunities in the market.

For more information write to gianpiero@uturn-investments.it

Private Equity

Through this service we analyze, select and manage partnerships with Private Equity, Venture Capital and Business Angels funds through direct contacts with proven historical experience.

We advise on existing family industrial holdings.

For more information write to luca@uturn-investments.it

Club Deal

Club Deal is UTurn’s exclusive service. By Club Deal we mean the search, selection and management of direct investment opportunities in high-potential SMEs with BUY&BUILT policy that creates value in the medium to long term.

What types of SMEs are the focus of Club Deal?
Club Deal is focused on privately held Italian SMEs in the stages of business development, change or transfer. Our particular interest is manufacturing and business-to-business services with good prospects for current and prospective profitability.

What is the objective of Club Deal?
Our Club Deal model is strongly oriented toward the future of SMEs and has the desire to build something beautiful and lasting in the society in which people live. We want to enhance the value of holdings with growth and aggregation projects and with investments in the social and entrepreneurial fabric, all without predetermined exits that could sacrifice or distort the companies being invested in.

Who are the managers promoting the Club Deals?
It is us with our direct entrepreneurial experience and co-participation in venture capital. We take care of the entire investment cycle: from research and selection, evaluation and ad hoc structuring of the individual deal, to subsequent management.

What results have we achieved?
At the end of 2022, we acquired a majority stake in 3T, a historic Italian bicycle brand based in Presezzo (BG) and with offices in Taiwan and North America. The goal is to consolidate and sustain the path of growth and international expansion of a Made in Italy excellence. A countertrend operation: if in recent years the most important Italian bicycle productions have been acquired by foreign investors, we have invested in the majority and, in continuity with entrepreneurs René Wiertz and Gérard Vroomen, who entered in 2007 and 2015 respectively, we aim to make it an even more prestigious brand in global markets.

For more information write to luca@uturn-investments.it

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