Who we are

We are an independent Family Office and provide strategic and financial advice to families with significant financial, real estate and industrial assets. We are a team with different professional skills to respond competently to the needs of our clients in an increasingly complex market that looks to generational transition as a primary resource.

We approach you with respect for your person, your history and your assets and return you services of planning, financial advice and management of your investments, acting with common sense and moving with intuition and will, because first of all we are human beings and we believe in them.

What makes us different is our ability to give continuity to the past in order to deliver it to the future with even stronger roots, all through what is most precious to us: transparency, trust and the enhancement of human relationships through sustainable finance projects aimed at creating value in the medium to long term.

Our name
the past connects to the present

Our name suggests the image of a U-turn and gives the idea of a Family Office that is profoundly different and against the trend: by stopping and going back to the past, we are committed to bringing it back in a new way into the present and keep its values intact.
Our name is united with the concept of sustainable finance, careful to create value over the long term with investments that are useful to society. This is the direction we want to pursue with you to be proud of what we will leave behind us.

Our approach

You may have come across a family office before; well, now we want to take you to a very different place where UTurn rewrites the relationship between advisors and families.

Our personalized approach has a strong entrepreneurial focus, allowing us to place importance on return on investment, but at the same time is well rooted in the values of listening, trust, and transparency. This balance gives us and gives you the right direction, the one our pay-off suggests: human, cultural, innovative. That looks to the future and builds it with wise hands and enlightened minds.

We are open to the other and open to the world. Our forma mentis makes us approach every project and everything, especially the new ones, with curiosity, enterprising spirit, proactivity.

Our values

We want to tell you about what we believe in: the values that fuel sustainable finance. These are values with which we identify, which we apply in everything we do, and which we make visible in our services

Transparency and sincerity

We believe that transparency between people accelerates virtuous projects. That is why every strategic action of ours, especially in case there are points to discuss, is in the public eye, real, shared and clear. Transparency means freedom of thought, richness of ideas, openness to the other, and reduction of costs and time.

Results-oriented mentality

We take on a judicious number of projects: we do this to keep the focus on objectives at all times, but also to be as objective and concrete as possible. Our professionalism also comes through here.

Respect for tradition

We are grateful for the tradition that has allowed us to grow and innovate: it is through it that we base our services and philosophy. In this way we are directed towards sustainable finance that believes in healthy growth and towards a generational change that is attentive yes to the future, but also to history.


We are convinced that experience speaks much more than anything else. Experience is what led us, Gianpiero, Luca and Alberto to found a Family Office that approaches the market in a new and responsible way and has its hallmark in the creation of directly managed Club Deals focused on small and medium-sized businesses.
All three of us have always been driven by healthy ambition, high aspirations, and a broad network of trust.

And so here are our stories.

Gianpiero Peron

Managing partner and head of Financial Investments.
1984, married, with 3 children, currently wealth advisor for some UHNW families in Northern Italy. Until 2020 Investment Advisor and Wealth Manager at some of the most important banking institutions;

Training course

2003-2009 Master’s Degree in Quantitative Methods for Finance – Università degli Studi di Verona.
2021 Master in Family Office XXII Edition – AIFO Academy.


Career path

2010-2014 Account Manager / Investment Advisor at division of Deutsche Bank Wealth Management
(Unit Verona/Milano).
2015-2017 Private Banker at division of Deutsche Bank Wealth Management (Unit Milano/Torino).
2018-2020 Wealth Manager of Cordusio Sim, Wealth Management division of the Unicredit Group (North West Area) whit focus on synergies with the corporate division and Start Lab incubator.


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Luca Mongodi

Managing partner and head of private equity section.
1983, married, with 3 children, currently a partner and member of the CDA/management committee of the companies subject to Club Deal by UTurn Investments, on which he now serves as Club Deal Manager.

Training course

2002-2008 Master’s degree in Applied Physics – University of Milan.
2014-2015 Executive MBA (Master Business Administration) – Bocconi University Milan.


Career path

2008-2009 Risk Manager at Banca Akros-Milan.
2009-2014 Metalbuttons Spa: business process analysis and review–direct experience in key business functions.
2014-2016 Metalbuttons Spa: Production manager with focus on business strategy.
2016-2020 Metalworks Spa- MTW Holding Spa: CEO


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Alberto Nicoli

Managing partner and head of private equity section.
1972, married, with 2 children, currently a partner and managing director of the MPE Group companies (MPE Spa, Polypropolene Divison, Dampe, Domogel, Limar), a reality with 50 years of history and Knon-how in the field of foam plastics production for a variety of sectors, from automotive to food packaging.

Training course

1992-1998 Laurea magistrale in Ingegneria Gestionale – Polytechnic University of Milan..


Career path

1998-2000 Management Control Manager at Albini Group.
2000-2021 CEO MPE SpA: finance and control management and commercial management.
2011-2021 Amministratore Delegato MPE polypropylene division Srl: acquisizione ramo d’azienda e sviluppo della strategia
2011-2021 Sole Director Dampe Srl: strategy development from the startup phase.
2000-2021 Limar Srl: CEO and finance and control management.
2023 MPE Group: President and CEO.


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